Looking Westward…


My name is Miranda Ploss. I am a junior journalism major at Eastern Illinois University. Throughout this semester I will be posting about Photography in somewhat of limited form. I will be presenting you with photographs and photographers that inspire me, as well as some of my own work. I have chosen to do so because photography has entranced me since my early childhood.

Today, I present you with Richard Avedon, more specifically his book titled “The American West.” Yesterday evening I was in the library searching for a Dorothea Lange book and stumbled upon Avedon’s book. The cover of the book mesmerized me and I decided to check it out and study its content. The images are full frame portraits of everyday Western citizens, but there is a haunting quality about the photographs that keeps your eyes locked with the subject of the portrait.

Hopefully soon I will attempt Avedon’s style with my own work and see what that looks like. In the mean time I encourage you to check out the book for yourself.


Until next time,



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