Why I love bad movies

Why are bad movies so entertaining?  It’s not just the thrill of choppy editing or the unending amusement of botched lines.  It’s not incompetent direction or shoddy special effects that make bad movies so sublime.  It has to be the sense of community one feels through the failure of others.

I’m Brian Vorce, and I’ve been a bad movie connoisseur since I first watched Godzilla grapple with King Kong as a lad of 3.  I love bad movies, and I’m dedicating this blog to reviewing the worst of the worst and the baddest of the bad, while also keeping a watchful eye out for the next terribly enjoyable flick.  This is for cinema that’s so bad…it’s good!

This is a photo of me with my Tommy Wiseau wig at a midnight showing of the bad movie classic “The Room.”  Yes, that’s a signed Wiseau shirt.Image


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