My Favorite family meal

Homemade Pot Roast

Homemade Pot Roast

My family had one meal we had almost every Sunday after church. It was my absolute favorite meal and still is, that meal is a pot roast dinner. A pot roast dinner in my family included the roast, potatoes, green beans or corn, sometimes both, rolls and last but certainly not least, gravy. My mom grew up making some of the meals in her family and then she received a job working in food and she still does to this day. My mother is a wonderful cook and so we all loved when she cooked.

The way our roast is cooked is in a big oven pan. it is cooked for a minimum of four hours. The roast, the peeled and cut potatoes are set inside the pan with carrots for flavoring. water is then accompanied in the pan with two cans of beef consommé or six beef bouillon cubes. when the roast, potatoes, and carrots are fully cooked they are removed from the pan and the leftover juice is used to make the gravy (best part of the meal). Gravy is made by combining flower and water shaking that together and slowly pouring that into the leftover roast juice and stirring constantly (needs to be on a stove over heat). The rolls and vegetable of choice can be made separately. In my family the condiments on the table were horseradish, ketchup, sour cream, butter, salt, and pepper. To make your meal complete you can use any condiments you like on meat and potatoes.

Once done place all items on a table with some place settings, the smell will make a family migrate to the table quickly because it smells so good. Every time I smell this wherever I am, it makes me think of home and puts a smile on my face.

Enjoy 🙂

Photo courtesy of TheGirlsNY


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