10 Sources for my Food Blog



Photo Courtesy of Marcie Casas

The 10 sources I have found to use in reference with my following blog posts are as followed.

  1. The Disney food Blog
  2. Serious Eats
  3. Food.com-Desserts
  4. Simply Recipes
  5. Delish.com
  6. The Italian Dish
  7. A year of slow cooking
  8. Bakerella.com
  9. Diet Blog
  10. Closet Cooking

The reason I chose each of these is for a variety in the types of food I will be blogging about. I chose numbers three and eight because they are both sites where I can focus a blog on the best part of the meal, desserts. I chose numbers two, four, five, and ten because they are generic blogs or sites that will let me do some exploring on what foods I could write about. Number one was chosen because really who doesnt’ like Disney, and having worked there last semester I think I would like to explore and tell you about some of the foods they offer at the most magical place on earth. Numbers six, seven, and nine are very specific topic blogs and sites, so this will give me an opportunity to talk to a specific type of “eater.”

I cant wait to get started, so some of the ideas I have for posts are the following.

  1. Exploring Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney Resort, What does MK have to offer for you?
  2. Sharing how to make an Italian meal from scratch, and what situations would this meal be good for?
  3. Dessert, What to make for a five different special occasions?
  4. Slow cooking 101, I don’t have time what can I throw together and know it will be ready when I get home?
  5. Top five things to eat when on a diet, and if I don’t like them how can I make it taste better and still be good?




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