10 Sources/5 Story Ideas


10 Sources:

1. It Must Be College is a website that posts things that they think relate to college kids. One of them being music. The playlists are categorized by genre.

 It Must Be College 2012 Playlists

2. The College Playlists Blog posts links and videos of popular music and where they’ve been hearing it

3. The Kollection is one of the most well known music blogs for young adults. They post ways to discover and share new music of many different genres.

4. College Blender provides a list of different music blogs designated for college kids.

5. This post on Talk Nerdy 2 Me, titled College Radio & Music Blogs Can Help You Geek Out on Music, shares why college radio stations and blogs are the best way to keep up on recent music.

6.  On HerCampus.com, a website with female bloggers from most big schools in the nation, Hannah Gerry writes The Best Music Blogs, where she lists some of her favorite music blogs and why they are important. 

7. In The 10 Best College Music Events In the Country, different universities with music events are showcased.  

8. The mtvU website offers more information on the station which plays in all of the Eastern Illinois University dining halls. This channel plays music videos all day long while we eat.

9.  Youtube is a very important website for music blogs of all types. It’s easy to pop in a video from Youtube so readers can click and watch while still on the blog.

10. SoundCloud is a website where young adults listen to, share their own music and make playlists.  It can also be shared easily on a blog for readers to listen to right there.  


5 Story Ideas:

1. Survey numerous tables at a dining hall on what their favorite artist is at this time.

2. Ask what people at the rec center are listening to and compile a work out playlist.

3. Ask 5 different people walking on campus with headphones in what they are listening to and why.

4. Survey what CD’s different students have in their cars right now.

5. Ask a group of people about where they hear about new music and artists.

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