Pop Music and Culture

My resources for my blog will include: www.thesource.com , www.mtv.comwww.vh1.com , www.allmusic.comwww.popmatters.comwww.spinner.comwww.rollingstone.comwww.gorillaleak.comhttp://leakbmf.blogspot.com/http://hypem.com/popular. I chose these 10 websites as starter sites to get my blog going because I think they will have useful and entertaining information for my readers to look for. I have also used some of these websites for my own personal benefit and I would like to get my blog to match the same quality that these websites possess as well. Some ideas for my budget will be: Pop Music: Finding Relevance in an alternative rock era; RnB & Pop: the Dynamic Duo, Who will be the next Madonna, Justin Bieber Teen craze; How his fans are reacting to his drug use; What is the song really saying?: Finding an effective storyline in the music notesJIMI_24-25-large


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