Expert sources

Though I am a sneaker aficionado, I am well aware that I am not an expert. While I do know more about Air Jordans than the average person, I will admit that it is only a hobby for. With that being said, here are five websites I suggest when wanting further research about Air Jordans and other legendary shoes (in order):

1. Sneaker News

2. Kicks On Fire

3. Modern Notoriety 

4. Sneaker Bar Detroit

5. Jordans Daily (branch of Sneaker News)

On the sites you can find just about everything you need to know about any basketball shoe there is. The topics range from release dates, reviews, styles, interviews and much more. I hope you enjoy the as much as I do, and are able to find out any information I may be unable to provide.

Meanwhile, here are five topics I will be discussing in the future:

1. Air Jordan IV Fire Red 2012 review

2. Air Jordan I Chicago Bulls 2013 review

3. My journey to cop the Air Jordan V Fire Red 2013

4. My contemplation to cop the Air Jordan III ’88 Retro

5. My top five Air Jordans throughout the years


This is a timeline full of pictures and information about all the original Air Jordans and when they were released. You can find some of the ones I will be discussing in the future on there.




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