Hip Hop 100: Staying updated and what to expect


One of my favorite things about hip hop music is the fact that artists continuously release new music. In order to stay on top of the game, there are a group of websites that I regularly visit to stay updated.

10 Sources:

1.http://www.2dopeboyz.com/ –2dopeboyz is a hip hop music blog that releases new music from culturally influential rappers. Most of the time the rappers that 2dopeboyz supports are considered “lyricists.” Rappers who make this site are likely to be on their way to stardom, or already there.

2. http://www.2dopeboyz.com/ — HipHopDX regularly posts articles and new music. It is a good site to visit if you’re looking to be educated on the current hip hop scene.

3. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com — WorldStar doesn’t happen to be one of my favorite websites, but it’s definitely entertaining. If you enjoy blasphemous videos this is the place to go.

4. www.xxlmag.com — This is the site to the respected hip hop magazine, XXL. It has music reviews, stories, and a bunch of other interesting tidbits for hip hop aficionados.

5. 24hourhiphop.com — As the name suggests, this blog is updated 24 hours a day with new music, gossip, and hip hop news.

6. fakeshoredrive.com — This hip hop site is Chicago heavy. If you like Lupe, Kanye, and other upstarts this site will keep you entertained and updated.

7. http://www.thelupendblog.com — I try not to show any favorites, but I’d be kidding if I didn’t say that Lupe was my favorite rapper. He has so many talents and abilities. This blog is dedicated to Lupe and all his endeavors. Check it out to stay updated.

8. mtv.com/news — Ya, ya, ya….MTV doesn’t quite cover music the way it used to, but it still provides useful information on hip hop artists every once in a while, especially if you’re interested in poppy-hip hop.

9.nahright.com — Video links, download links, article links…every type of link you could ever want. NarRight is prevalent and now. Stay up on your hip hop and check it out.

10. http://www.killerhiphop.com/ – This site provides new music and new video links on the daily. It’s always updated and has a nice and navigable site set up.

The goal for this hip hop blog is to be entertaining and enlightening. In order to do that, I will write about new music, new artists, review mix tapes, review albums, and even commentate on various hip hop related news.

Here’s a list of five upcoming story ideas.

1. One future story I will write about is the top 5 mix tapes released in 2012. This will be a comprehensive review of the tapes I felt were most relevant to the music scene.

2. I will write a story on an upcoming hip hop artist. This story will hopefully help the artist gain traction and buzz and he continues his career and ascent to the top.

3. I will rank the top 10 hip hop artists in the game right now. This will be a fun read that highlights some really talented musicians.

4. There will be a story on conscious hip hop and the new artists taking the torch from Nas, Lupe, etc. and carrying it on to greater heights.

5. I’ll probably write a story on projects and collaborations that I would like to see occur in the future. Who wouldn’t want to see a Frank Ocean track featuring Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi.

(Image made by Google user Micarelli)


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