RSS Feeds and Story Budgets

El Ten Eleven performs in Fort Collins, Colorado on 2 February 2012. Photo Credit: Flickr user Jester Jay Music

El Ten Eleven performs in Fort Collins, Colorado on 2 February 2012. Photo Credit: Flickr user Jester Jay Music

Today, we’re tasked with finding 10 blogs/websites to follow for topics to write about for this blog over the course of the semester. The list of blogs I chose coincides with some of the Twitter accounts I followed for our last assignment:

The KEXP Blog: This is a Seattle indie radio station that I found out about because they posted videos to YouTube of El Ten Eleven. They do album reviews and post tons of music from all genres.

I found a blog called “Music for Robots,” which posts songs that the creator likes, usually accompanied by a few paragraphs about the song, or something interesting the author has to say concerning the song/artist.

The Alternate Side is another “new music” site I found. They post about many smaller-name bands, have ticket giveaways for shows, and review albums.

From the Jazz world, I enjoy NPR’s A Blog Supreme, which charts jazz news, interviews contemporary artists, etc. I also enjoy their “take five” section, which is a weekly list of 5 songs from new artists, or songs concerning a certain theme.

I read DownBeat magazine’s online publication sometimes, and it offers up more jazz news. However, lately the content on it seems to be more classically oriented; there is an interview from 1957 with Dave Brubeck on the main page, and an interview from years ago with Ray Charles.

Other blogs that I decided to follow, but couldn’t really access for fear of offending the rest of the class are: The Current, from Minnesota; Invisible Oranges, which is a metal blog; Brooklyn Vegan, an NYC-centric blog; BuzzBands, which is LA’s premiere music blog; and Aquarium Drunkard, which a friend told me about years ago, and I hadn’t been able to check out until now.

5 Story Budgets:

1. This Town Needs Guns released a follow up to their 2009 “Animals” album, called “,” this year, and I’d like to write about the album itself, but also how their sound has been affected between these full-lengths due to the departure of their former guitarist/vocalist Tim Collis.

2. Following Lupe Fiasco’s dismissal from the presidential inauguration yesterday, I’d like to look back at the music industry’s interaction with the government.

3. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Cranberries’ album “Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” I’d like to do some sort of tie-in to the lyrical content of the album, which deals with the Britain and Ireland’s political relations, and a look to the present day to see how the band and interactions between the countries have evolved.

4. Rush getting inducted into the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame.

5. Ozzy Osbourne is recording with Black Sabbath for the first time since 1978. I’d like to write about what he’s been doing musically and otherwise since then.


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