10 Sources of Music

1. I know NPR updates its news and music everyday so I thought this would be a great source to read different articles about the new hits that came out.

2.Looking at this Hip-hop site made me want it as a reference because they have plenty of other sources involved in their sites.

3. I like this site because different artist create their own covers for songs that is not there’s. It shows me how deep their talent is and how well rounded an artist is.

4. Being a Chicagoan I always listen to an urban station called WGCI and I chose this site as a reference because they play songs that their listeners request and that helps me know what popular out in the music industry.

5. This website was chosen because they had the Wale mix-tape with I think is amazing and it shows that they listen to music that hasn’t been released to the public.

6.Honestly I saw 2 Chainz and instantly I wanted to use this as a reference because I do love me some 2 Chainz.  They also put out songs that has not been released to the public and includes the lyrics so I can analyze the message from the artist.

7.  When I think about music MTV instantly comes to mind because they are notorious for it so having this as a reference is a no brainer to me to see whats current and popular.

8.  In Chicago WGCI is my station for my urban music but for pop i listen to KISS FM to stay current on my other type of music.

9. This is an interesting website because it has every type of music on it and it leads me to different peoples blogs about any genre of music.

10.  This blog comments and views different live performances like my favorite right now the Lumineers.



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