Nate Robinson makes me dislike basketball

Nate Robinson shooting a jumper against the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night. (Courtesy of Bill Smith)

The Bulls are losing to the Wizards 50-44 at the half but all I can think about is how frustrating it is to watch Nate Robinson play. Just as his field goal percentage is during the first half, Robinson is either hit or miss. And frankly 50 percent from the field isn’t bad, but it’s the kind of misses that bother me. He’s 5-10 from the field with 12 points, which leads the Bulls in the first half, (that’s a problem in itself) but he’s taken two 3-pointers missing them both, including one that was well behind the three point line. Oh, and he took the ill-advised long-range jumper with plenty of time on the shot clock.

Even when he makes a shot, I just pray it goes in as no other Bull is under the basket to get a rebound if he misses because he loves to shoot the ball early in the shot clock.

Well the second half is about to start, let’s hope the Bulls get other guys involved, and Nate, stop shooting!
Photo courtesy of Bill Smith


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