“Big Wednesday” in the Big East

In tonight’s Big East action there are a couple quality games being played, but I will be watching the marquee matchup in the conference between the University of Notre Dame (16-4) vs. the University of Villanova (13-7).

Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey talks to Jack Cooley during a timeout.

Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey talks to Jack Cooley during a timeout.

The game is currently tied at 41 with 11 minutes left to play in what has so far been a back-n’-forth tilt.

While watching this game I have thought about the two schools playing each other. They are both moderately small private schools who have both built very competitive basketball programs in the Big East.

When you think “big time” basketball programs, one would usually reel off the University of Pittsburgh or the Cincinnati’s of the world. Yes, that may be true. But schools like Villanova, Rutgers, and Notre Dame have all been able to build strong programs in the Big East, built around the concept of a team game, not one spectacular player that will more than likely leave college for the pro’s after one season like you see very often in the NCAA today.

You really have to appreciate the teams that still play “team” basketball, and all of the programs in the big east, for the most part, still base their chances of winning on the concept of playing as a team and not finding the “i” in team basketball.

This is directly related to the coaches, universities, and the overall mindset of both when building their team.

The Big East is second to none in that category.

I can’t commend the programs that stress staying all four years and earning your degree enough. In the long run, it is COLLEGE basketball, right?


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