Bad Movie Watch: Love and Honor

A movie set in the 1960s and starring beautiful young people featuring the Vietnam War and hippies, Love and Honor gets no points for originality.  If the trailer is any indication, it’s The Deer Hunter via Nicholas Parks.  Love and Honor premieres March 22.

Yep, if you’re going to produce tripe, pack it full of as many clichés as possible.

Why it Could be Bad: One of the characters is named “Dalton Joiner.”  The war scenes look as gritty as “Xanadu.”  This is Danny Mooney’s directorial debut, after his not-so-acclaimed short “Fingers.”  And seriously, could they imagine a more boring title?

Why it Could be Good: It has Aimee Teegarden in it.  Women will surely like to see a shirtless Liam Hemsworth in the lead role.  Both are superficial reasons, but that’s about the best things this film has going for it.

Why it Could be Awesomely Bad: If you use enough clichés in one movie, it starts to feel like parody, intentional or not.  This one looks to have just about every Vietnam Era movie cliché possible.  It has the typical period music (Steppenwolf), muscle cars (a Ford Mustang), and Black Panthers.  It sounds like Forrest Gump if everyone involved in that film was incompetent.  Love and Honor also looks mushy and corny, which means its potential for true awesome badness is weakened.


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