“Bob’s Burgers” > Bulls game

Why did you watch Wednesday night’s game past the first quarter?

No, seriously. Why?

Did anyone enjoy Chicago shooting a robust 2-for-21 from the the beyond the 3-point line, allowing 121 Sacramento points or did anyone stick around to watch Nazr Mohammed play? No? I didn’t think so.

But, hey maybe you’re a die hard Bulls fan so you thought Chicago could get back into the game starting the second; after all it is the NBA and everyone knows teams always make runs. Well, sadly for the Bulls, the Kings began the second quarter on a 26-4 run, increasing their lead to 34.

OK, time to bail.

I’m completely fine with not seeing the Bulls play the Kings until next year when they (the Kings) are no longer in Sacramento and are no longer the Kings, maybe.

The Bulls lost 121-79, but outside of 670 The Score‘s Dan McNeil, few people actually watched the entire game and even McNeil only stuck around to see the embarrassment because he was betting on the game.

Dan McNeil thinking he won his bet by taking the under in the Bulls/Kings game.

Dan McNeil thinking he won his bet by taking the under in the Bulls/Kings game.

Oops. Should have taken the over.

Instead I looked elsewhere for entertainment. Unfortunately my girlfriend was swamped with homework (I feel bad, pre-med, which results in countless hours of homework while I sit at my desk, listening to music, writing blog posts, as my homework) so I couldn’t talk to her for a while. Lucky for me there’s something called the internet.

Bob's BurgersIsn’t Hulu fantastic? I think so.

The Bulls’ demise opened the door for “Bob’s Burgers.” I haven’t watched it in a while and although I was skeptical about the show since the first episode I watched, the show grew on me.

Now, if you’re a frequent user of Hulu, you already know that not everything is free. Due to “huluPLUS” I was only able to watch four episodes, but it was far better than the 42-point loss by Chicago.

I’ll admit, my night wasn’t the most exciting, but at least I didn’t waste it watching the Chicago debacle against Sacramento.

If you have never heard of the show here’s my favorite episode from last night.



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