Listen To the Man

Over this spring break I had the privilege to watch one of my favorite talk show host Jimmy Fallon every night of the week and one of my favorite artist was the guest performer for that entire week! That artist is Justin Timberlake and yes I love him! I listened to a few songs from his brand new album 20/20 and in my opinion its something worth listening to. But the one thing that really made me love the album was his captivating permanence he did on the Jimmy Fallon show.  Mirrors is the performance that I prefer live then on the album because you can tell he meant every word he was singing and his band was vibing right along with him. Fantastic band behind him and a great performer. In shorter words it was an explosion of awesome. Buying albums is not whats’s hot right now but this album I just might reconsider. So I want YOU to take a listen and see if you love it just as much as I do. Beautiful work done so slow clap for Justin Timberlake.


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