Bad Movie Starters

For people looking to enter the realm of Bad Movies, I can think of no better movie to begin with than 1990’s Troll 2.  Science fiction, fantasy and horror movies make the best film fail fodder.  I think it’s the inclusion of special effects and makeup that really hurts these genres.  That, and they are inherently ridiculous, so pulling them off convincingly is actually pretty impressive.  Troll 2 is impossibly cheesy.  It’s one of those films that has no redeeming value except to laugh at.  Bad writing, bad acting, bad effects, bad direction, and bad…actually the soundtrack is a little fun.  But that only enhances the inane cheesiness of the movie.  I recommend Troll 2 and give it a Code Red rating.  If you want to know what bad movies are all about, try this crapfest.  You’ll be glad you did.

I picked this montage because it doesn’t give the away the worst parts that make the film so special.  Also, people usually ask me if they should watch Troll 1 first.  Simply put: absolutely not.


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