Bad Movie Warning: The Host

Critics have not been kind to this Stephanie Meyer adaptation.  I’m not sure anyone actually thought The Host would be good.  Reviews on are calling it stale, goofy and ridiculous.

Why It Could Be Bad: It’s a Stephanie Meyer story, so even if the movie is twice as good as her previous work in Twilight, it will still suck.

Why It Could Be Good: It has people with actual acting talent, like Saoirse Ronan, William Hurt and Diane Kruger.  It has a sizable budget, though that doesn’t always save a film from sucking wind.

Why It Could Be Awesomely Bad: The Twilight Saga was not immune to moments of unintentional hilarity.  The Host is a sci-fi flick, which makes it more susceptible to cheesiness.  The question: How delicious will this cheese be?


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