Good Eating Habits


I get it all the time..  ” You’re so fit, you must eat salads for every meal!” Next is the uncomfortable laugh and then my response “Nope, I eat whatever I want.” and to be completely honest I do eat whatever I want, but I do so in the appropriate fashion.. Which means I don’t overdo it.

When I first got to college, I thought they were going to have me and my teammates on strict “in-season” diets. I thought they were going to have us eating salads everyday and raw eggs for breakfast. Well, surprise, surprise I got to campus and that was not the case at all.. we are free to eat whatever we please. I’ have realized however, with the different cross training that we do it requires a better eating habits. Believe it or not.. a healthier eating habits can help an athlete get the MOST of the their workout and/or competition. So I have a few tips that can help you maintain better eating habits that could potentially last you lifetime:

No. 1: EAT EVERY THREE HOURS: If all you eat is breakfast, lunch and dinner, you are setting yourself up for energy lags thorughtout the day. All you need to do is simply add a more hearty, and fulfilling  pre- and post-workout meal and you’ll see the difference.

 No. 2: DON’T LEAVE YOUR PLATE EMPTY: There are three basic things you need on your plate, there are: carbohydrates, protein and fat, and that means  in EVERY meal. This will help you  maintain a better energy level. You will also be fuller and more satiated after eating.

 No. 3: HAVE A GOOD BREAKFAST: Breakfast can raise your metabolism for the whole day — so steer clear of the sugar that you will find in most breakfast drinks, such as orange juice.

 No. 4:WATCH WHAT YOU DRINK: STOP!  drinking soda, juice, energy drinks and creamy coffees, it’s too easy to pack on liquid calories if you don’t monitor your intake.

 No. 5:PLAN IT OUT: Athletes that don’t plan their meals ahead of time have a habit of getting off track. If you make your own food, you know exactly what is and isn’t too much. What helps is if you bring along withy ou a  healthy snacks with you throughout the day, like: nuts, fruit, and protein bars.

With these tips and a few other arrangments in your eatin ghabits you can be well on your way to be fueled up and ready to shine !


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