A Purposeful Design


TRUST. According to dictionary.com is referred to as:  (N.) reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

Learning to trust my training has been one of the most challenging parts of being an athlete. Having the mental and physical maturity to believe that in due time, your body will perform to its greatest potential. For me, the lack of trust has caused me a great deal of set backs at times, whether it be with a time I wanted to reach or a distance I wanted to jump or I height I wanted to clear.. my lack in trust always seems to be one of the primary reasons for my delayed success.

Being a competitive athlete, I always make game plans for how I plan to compete at a particular meet. Meaning, I set aside goals for myself before I compete. Whenever I am getting ready to jump, hurdle, or sprint I try to mentally prepare myself for all the (possible) road blocks that may be placed before me during each competition. Yet, there is always that moment where I  may begin to question whether or not I am capable of achieving those goals.. whether or not I am prepared to actual compete at that level: BIG MISTAKE. As athletes we have to learn to express a sincere amount of confidence in our training and ability to excel BEYOND our  OWN mental LIMITATIONS.

This outdoor season, I have a lot of goals that I intend to reach, as I have stated to you all time and time again.  By being hesitant in my perfromances because I can won’t trust my training is a setback that I know can be altered.. because  I BELIEVE that I am  MORE than capable of performing past my initial expectations. BUT, that is all a piece of the pie.


99.99 percent of the time an athlete is disappointed in his/her performance it is due to the fact that they felt the y could have been more competitive.. they gave up too easily. That, in my opinion, is the muscle of the mental enemy. As athletes we must learn to block out negativity and be counteractive with those meet day jitters.. make them into a postive rather than allow them to tarnish your success. The mistake that an athlete makes is not trusting their coaches, themselves, and their training..

So, this week I challenge you.. I challenge you to go harder..faster.. and stronger  and when fear or mental blocks come your way overpower them. I want to see you go futher than you feel your capable (but with reason).

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

-Thomas Jefferson



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