Bad Movie Icon: Michael Gough

Thanks to his roles in the Unholy Trinity of bad ape-man films, Michael Gough has a special place in Bad Movie Lore.  Maybe the most interesting thing about Gough, though, is he is always entertaining, no matter how bad the film.  Really, Gough probably should have just had a better agent.

For his truly bad movies, first was the 1961 British King Kong ripoff Konga, where Gough played the mad scientist Dr. Decker.  Next he was in the legendarily horrible Trog (starring Joan Crawford) from 1970.  In that film he portrayed a local citizen concerned about the monster kept in the nearby laboratory.  Oh, and he happens to be evil.  Finally, Gough topped all his prior efforts by appearing as Alfred the butler in 1997’s Batman & Robin.  While that doesn’t seem to have any ape-man connections, trust me, it does.  Go back and watch it again but have a friend hide your pills and razors.  B&R has been known to cause suicide.

What do you think Michael Gough’s best bad movie was?


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