Chicken Parmesan or Italian Chicken?

Photo Courtesy of naviniea

Chicken Parmesan, photo courtesy of naviniea

Chicken Parmesan is classically known for being an italian dish and tasty. It is simply a dish with a chicken breast covered and baked with bread crumbs, laid next to or on tope of a pile a spaghetti noodles and then it is covered in a spaghetti marinara sauce. Usually the chicken also has cheese that is melted on top of it too.


Photo courtesy of osseous

Photo courtesy of osseous

Baked Italian Chicken marinated it italian dressing is exactly what it is called. All you have to do is take the thawed chicken breasts, put them in a oven safe pan and cover them in an italian dressing. They retain a great flavor from the italian dressing and retain their juicy flavor.


Which chicken would you prefer? are you the kind of person that likes pasta with your chicken and a red sauce or a person who prefers a juicy marinated chicken breast with some vegetables on the side.

I personally prefer the marinated italian chicken breast. I grew up on this because it was cheap and easy to make. Being the youngest of five girls, this was something my mom could quickly make with some vegetables. It is nutritious and since it quick to make, we could have the meal when we needed to have a “to go” meal.

Leave me thoughts on what your opinion is.



Featured image is courtesy of  SMcGarnigle


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