New York City Guitar Center employees look to Unionize

photo cred: flickr user Sarah_Ackerman

photo cred: flickr user Sarah_Ackerman

For the modern musician, the name Guitar Center is a staple. The music store chain, which currently has 243 locations nationwide, provides a wider range of gear than the average local music shop, and has a yearly revenue of 1.78 billion. The company was bought by Bain Capital in 2007 and, with its massive income, is able to throw events every year around the country, including: the Guitar Center Drum-Off, The King of the Blues, and various other competitions, and offers fabulous prizes for those who win.Guitar Center was, at some point, thought of as a store where one could go to talk with other musicians, and get advice from them. However, since Bain Capital’s buyout of the company, many employees and customers alike feel that the chain’s quality of work has decreased.

Employees in New York have taken to the internet, with this petition from, informing Bain Capital that states employees want better conditions. Reddit user underpaid_at_GC posted a link to the petition about 2 hours ago with the accompanying text:

“For some time now (since Bain Capital aquired the company to be exact) the standards at Guitar Center have been on a pretty steady decline. Cuts in commision, freezes on pay increases, and non-reasonable sales requirements are among just a few of the issues making it harder and harder to earn a decent living wage there. We have banded together to address the isse with Bain Capital and would love your support. There is a petition at that is very close to reaching it’s goal. Already, artists such as Tom Morello, Kathleen Hanna, Steve Earle, Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!) and Sergio Vega (Deftones, Quicksand), among others, have lent their support. We would sure appreciate yours as well. Thank you in advance.”

This news comes in the wake of Guitar Center restocking all of indie band El Ten Eleven’s gear after their van was robbed on March 27.


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