Bad Movie Warning: Temptation

Confession: I actually like Tyler Perry movies.  Oh yes, the melodrama grabs me by the throat and throttles me into submission.  Or something like that.  Tyler Perry’s latest project, the insipid Temptation, is receiving poor reviews from critics.

Why It Could Be Bad: Tyler Perry’s productions are, admittedly, dropping in quality.  Temptation is written and directed by Tyler Perry, and he probably needs some new creative blood in his production process.  The movie stars Kim Kardashian, who is arguably not an actress.  Kris Humphries says she is…It also has Vanessa Williams.  Perhaps Perry is saving the worst for last?

Why It Could Be Good: Tyler Perry isn’t the hack the critics say he is, damn it!  Really though, this probably sucks.

Why It Could Be Awesomely Bad: Well, Kardashian, whose top rated movie is Temptation, is one reason.  Melodrama is typically ripe for parody.  And hey, Brandy – remember the singer? – is alive!


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