Eastern Illinois University, Food off campus

Charleston Ill. is a rather small community and Eastern only makes it a little bit bigger . This post is going to discuss what Charleston food options are available off campus and which of those are pretty popular.

Photo Courtesy of Nomadic Lass

Photo Courtesy of Nomadic Lass

So college towns are known to have fatty foods and that comes with the places to get those foods. Charleston has these, but since it is also a quant community there are some good “home cooking” kind of places to get food also.

Typical College town food places to eat:

  • Pizza places– Paglia’s, Pizza Hut, Chubby’s, Jerry’s and of course Little Cesars.
  • Asian food– QQ’s Buffet, Magic Wok Buffet and China Palace (I think, he delivers).
  • Fast food– Arby’s, McDonald’s, KFC/A&W, Taco Bell and Jimmy Johns.
  • Family Restaurants – Lincoln Garden Family Restaurant, Whats Cookin, Los Potrillos and the Thai place.
  • Mattoon offerings – Buffalo Wild Wings, Stadium Grill, Steak and Shake, Freddy’s, Cheddars and Cracker Barrel.

These are some of the offerings of places to eat that college kids frequently visit. Most of the Mattoon restaurants get the ir usiness from EIU on the weekends, but they do get the business during the week. Pizza is probably the most popular thing for get togethers during the week and weekend, but for those kids that are always on the go, they will probably go with the fast food joints.

I think these look like a much better offering selection then that of the things offered to us on campus.


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