Joey BadA$$ shows how to make and break a career

"Under the Influence" tour poster

“Under the Influence” tour poster

This week’s big Twitter hip-hop fiasco involves Trinidad James and newcomer Joey Bada$$. Bada$$, a New York native, has enjoyed moderate success since his first mixtape dropped in June 2012, and his first album is slated to drop later on this year. Trinidad James is, as his name implies, a Trinidadian rapper who is most known for his song “All Gold Everything,” which has enjoyed mainstream success since the song was released.

Both rappers are slated to perform this summer on the Under the Influence Tour, which will put them on the same stage with Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, B.O.B., and Smoke DZA. The tour goes from the beginning of June through the middle of August from San Francisco to Cincinnati, and would be a great opportunity for any up and coming rapper.

However, Joey Bada$$ recently took to Twitter to complain about his billing for the tour poster, which was released yesterday.

Bada$$ tweeted, “If I’m under Trinidad James I’m not doing the Under The Influence Tour. Straight,” yesterday. Within an hour the tweet was deleted, and this morning he issued and apology in which he called his actions “childish” and “disrespectful.”

I’m glad to see someone as young as 20-year-old Bada$$ take responsibility for his actions. The tour is a huge opportunity for him, and anyone who pays attention to hip hop knows that it doesn’t take much for a suddenly-hot artist to kill any chances of mainstream success with a wayward comment or tweet. James enjoys success currently, but it is unclear whether he can properly transform the success of “All Gold Everything” into continued success down the road, so if Bada$$ can prove his merit on the tour, he may never have to be billed under James again.


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