Air Jordan V — August release

A second edition of the Air Jordan V “Fire Red” will be released on Aug. 31, 2013 for $160.  With wide speculation that this shoe would not drop until the fall, it was recently confirmed for the late summer date. Having recently picked up a different edition of the Air Jordan V “Fire Red,” I am hesitant to buy these. The two are very similar, but as I have said before, the V’s are one of my favorite Jordan designs.

Air Jordan V "Fire Red"

Air Jordan V “Fire Red”

These shoes have a bit more flare to them than the other V’s I reviewed a couple blogs back. The stitched ’23’ on the back makes me want to get them alone. I’m still having a very hard time deciding on whether or not I should buy them. To make matters more complicated, it will be six days after my birthday, so I will definitely have the money for them. It is just whether or not I want spend it or save it.

As of right now, I might pass on these because they are so similar to a pair I already have, unless my current V’s somehow become super worn.

What do you guys think? Will they be worth it or no?


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