Air Jordan XIII “He Got Game”

I was not particularly blown away by the Air Jordan XIII “He Got Game,” but like every other pair of Jordan’s I try on in the store, I had to have it. This retro release was on March 16, 2013 for $160. It is the most recent pair that I have purchased.

These were released in 1998 and they are the most recent pair of original Air Jordan’s that I believe are worth buying — it also happen to be the last season MJ played on the Bulls.

The shoes were so popular, they even had a spot in the movie “He Got Game” starring Denzel Washington — hence the shoe name.

Here is my pair:

Air Jordan XIII "He Got Game"

Air Jordan XIII “He Got Game”



These shoes are by far the most unique in my collection. I can not think of any other shoe this design relates to. At first glance, they are so unique it is unappealing, but after time, I grew to like them a lot more. I have still contemplated selling them lately, though.

The sole of the shoe is probably my favorite part about it. It is such an interesting design that it alone can make me love the shoe. The shoe is all leather, except for the back when the black turns to velvet. That it one of the biggest cons in my eyes. However, I do love the gems on the back, which kind of makes up for it, and on the bottom.

Here is a YouTube review of the Air Jordan XIII “He Got Game” from one of my favorite reviewers: Chitown Sneakergeek

What do you think?


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