Jose Fidel Moreno, multimedia journalist

According to Jose Fidel Moreno’s website he is a multimedia journalist that has worked for 15 plus years covering news and sports. Jose has worked for Gannett Co. Inc. newspapers in the metropolitan Philadelphia area and the Associated Press in New Jersey.

Sled Dogs Jersey Sands

Sled Dogs Jersey Sands – The sled dogs piece is interesting to me in that you never see the people talking. I think it is an interesting angle to take on a video project. I liked that the dogs barking was playing underneath the interviewees talking the entire video. This made me feel like I wasn’t just watching pictures of sled teams performing, but that I was there.


Faces – Moreno narrates this project, which I feel is more of a slideshow with Nnarration then a video. Moreno explains his reasons for taking pictures like these as the pictures slide in front of you. All these people are staring straight at you and that is exactly his point with these portraits. He says sometimes looking directly in the camera makes it look candid.

Karate Kid

Karate Kid – This is a human-interest piece about David Hyman, a Kun Gek Doh head instructor who is only 13-years-old. The video is a good mixture of b-roll stills and video. It also has audible video of him performing and an interview laid on top of all the b-roll. Hyman explains the martial art form and how he came to be a second-degree black belt. Entire project is done in black and white.


Abandoned – Abandoned is another narration project of Moreno’s. This narration piece is about Camden, New Jersey and how parts of it were abandoned and are now falling apart. Moreno is trying to gain empathy with the watchers of this video and to remind them of the forgotten part of the city that could still be great. It is a moving piece.

An Architectural View

An Architectural View – At the beginning of this work Moreno has a “slide” telling watchers what this is about and that he does indeed have a soft spot for Camden, even though it is voted a very dangerous place. This piece is a feature piece and definitely would interest a architect or designer. There are no words in this piece, just pictures and music. Moreno produced both the music and photos for this piece.

Zahara SAEED Fashion

Zahara SAEED Fashion – This is a feature about a fashion show. This video slideshow features the garments really well for anyone involved in fashion. The music goes well with the look of the garments, and the models are made up to looks like they belong with the garment. I am guessing the main woman is Zahara Saeed and she is the designer, but it does not say.

Old Time Wrestling

Old Time Wrestling – This is a feature about an old time wrestling place call the Monster Factory. This is a feature piece because its not hard news but it is interesting. This video is more like a slideshow of picture with video backdrop. It has multiple interviewees from wrestlers to employees to fans. Good feature.

Elwood the world’s ugliest dog

Elwood the world’s ugliest dog – This is more like a typical broadcast kind of video. Just a feature piece about a dog who was voted ugliest dog. It was an interview with the owner and video b-roll with the interview.

Camden Lowride Bikers

Camden Lowride Bikers – This is another feature video that is about low riding bicycles. They are homemade and there are men explaining his passion for them. IT is video interview pieced together with still b-roll footage.  Good feature piece for bike lovers.

Two Street Stompers

Two Street Stompers – This is a feature video about stomping. This video is video and still b-roll followed with an interview underneath. This video doesn’t explain much of what two street stompers are or what they do, but the piece is put together nicely.

Jose Fidel Moreno’s Work

I feel Moreno is a talented multimedia journalist, but he needs to broaden his coverage. He does a lot of work that is features but not a lot that are considered news. Some of his videos were not fully developed. I said in a few of my critics above that in some of the videos it is not clear what exactly the video is about.

Some of the videos don’t have any words and they should, while others were just fine without any narration because of what the video was about or the video and b-roll explained the video just fine.

I feel some of his videos such as Two Street Stompers and Zahara SAEED Fashion were not as well done as they could have been. They didn’t show too much in information for the watcher. In the fashion video he has a slide that says Zahara Saeed, but then doesn’t tell us who she is in the picture, or if she is in it at all. In the Two Street Stompers video the who, what and where, are not described at all in the video. It could be much better if there was some sort of interview or even a slide with explanations of the video. The interviewee didn’t explain anything other then his own participation.

Some videos were done very well. I think my favorite of all he videos is probably Sled Dogs and Karate Kid. I think the use of the dogs barking underneath of the interview and b-roll is excellent. The pictures and videos of the dogs doing what they do best are great shots and the interview explains what is going on very well. Over all it is a great project. The Karate Kid video is great for many of the same reasons ad Sled Dogs. I like that Karate Kid is entirely in black and white. It adds an edge to the already awesome 13-year-old instructor.  The video displays his accomplishments at such a young age.

I think Moreno is a good journalist and that he could go far in his work if he keeps up the good work.


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