Why Snoop Dogg became Snoop Lion


Maybe its just me, but I don’t understand why Snoop Dogg became Snoop Lion. He’s been a successfull hip-hop artist for close to 20 years now. Wow, talk about being at the top of your craft for a long time. Though he was arguably at his best on Dr. Dre’s classic album “The Chronic,” released in the 90s, Snoop has still be chugging on.

But this past year it came out that the Doggfather no longer wanted to be a dog, he wanted to be a lion. According to him, he had a religious experience where God came down and spoke. I can only imagine how that must of went.

God: Snoop, wake up. Look up.
Snoop: (wakes up with a burning blunt in his mouth) Yo, who are you? (cough)
God: I’m God. And you’re no longer Snoop Dogg, you’re Snoop Lion.
Snoop Lion: I dig that. Lions eat dogs. I’m a killer.
God: No, you are now to become a Rastafarian.
Snoop Lion: What the hell is that?
God: You know, the stuff Bob Marley did. Listen to some of his records. You’re to live a similar life and make similar music.
Snoop Lion: I got that. As long as I can light up, I’m down for whatever. Thanks for seeing me.
God: Oh Snoop, you know I don’t have any other important things to do. There aren’t children starving in the world. There aren’t any wars. AIDS isn’t running rampant in Africa. You’re my only concern.
Snoop Lion: One Love, God. One Love.
God: Make some music. I’ll be expecting some good reggae.

And Snoop Lion went on to make a reggae album. Seriously…he did.

Anyways, here’s the link to the documentary Snoop and company made.



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