Biggest regret of 2013 (part one)R

I only have two regrets so far this year when it comes to copping Air Jordan’s — or in this case, lack thereof. The first regret is not even trying for the Air Jordan XI “Bred” Restock on March 24, 2013.

Like the Air Jordan III Retro 88, these were released via twitter link only by My quest for the 3’s was so unsuccessful, that I didn’t want to even bother trying for the 11’s. And I instantly regret it.

These shoes are arguably the most popular Air Jordan’s ever. These are the shoes that were in the movie ‘Space Jam.’

Space Jam

Space Jam

Other than not being able to stand the heartbreak of failing at another twitter link only release, I was just not sure how I would like the shoes even if I did get them. I could not have been more wrong though.

After seeing several people with them on campus, I have instantly regretted the indecisiveness on my end. Also, as usual, I look up YouTube reviews. While in most cases I love them, this time I was instantly regretful.



What do you guys think? Did I make the biggest mistake of my sneakerhead life by not even attempting to cop these?


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