Growth Issues in Children

Depending on your culture, being “too short” or “too skinny” differs. Some cultures prefer or expect different traits among people. Human growth can be affected by various factors. Hereditary factors, hormones and nutrients are essential growth factors. 

Pituitary and thyroid deficiency can affect growth immensely. Early treatment can minimize or eliminate growth symptoms. Growth curves help physicians estimate how a child is coming along appropriately for their age. These height and weight charts were originally made available in 1976 by the National Center for Health Statistics and represent the first revision in over 30 years. It determines the rate at which the child is growing. If the child is within reasonable range according to the chart, then there is little to no concern to investigate the growth process of that child. Unfortunately, by the time the child has reached puberty it is rare to help that child with their growth issues. This is why it is important for annual check ups with your family physician. By the time a female has reached her menstrual cycle, she is said in the United States to have reached almost 95% of her adult height.

“Hypothyroidism is a growth retardation, sluggish behavior, tongue enlargement, facial changes, thickened and puffy face and skin and a wide variety of neurological abnormalities are manifestations of low function of the thyroid gland. Depending on the age when this underaction (hypothyroidism) begins, the signs and symptoms can have wide variation. Characteristics X-ray changes in the skeleton and a low-blood thyroid level establish the diagnosis. Most states screen for this at birth. However, this problem can develop later.” (





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