My biggest regret (part two)

Remember how I was unsure about copping the Air Jordan VIII “Bugs Bunny?” Well, I never did quite cop them and I have honestly regretted it ever sine they dropped.

Just the other day, I saw a person on campus walking with them on and I knew right then and there that I really missed out on my chance to get them. Like a lot of my experiences with Air Jordan’s, I was unsure about this unique design, but it ultimately grew on me. I just waited too long for it to end up growing on me that I missed out.

Air Jordan VIII “Bugs Bunny”

Air Jordan VIII “Bugs Bunny”

All the features I found myself questioning earlier, I now find myself loving. I realized the round toe was not nearly as awkward when I saw it in person. And, the buckle straps are too unique too pass now.

Here is a review of the shoe on YouTube by

Maybe it is the fact that I did miss out on them though. People do always say you want what you can’t have and this seems to support that argument very well.

Oh well, I know that I will soon forget regretting these shoes as soon as the next shoe I buy is released. Like everything, it takes time.


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