Penn Relay Standouts


Even though I didn’t attend the Penn relays, I have been hearing some great things about some wonderful performances that took place. Most commonly I have been hearing about a particular school that was a standout during the relays: Texas A&M.

According to some blogs I have read, the aggies dominated the  final day of Penn Relays with eight victories and end with a total of 12 wins for the weekend. Now, I don’t know about you all, but that alone say a lot about this power house team.

After looking at the national rankings (Top 25) the aggies men are ranked: are ranked second, behind Florida by a mere 18.26 points. As for the women, they are currently ranked first, taking on the pack by 46.80 points.. yes that’s right 46.80 points. Now after this weekend, if you haven’t looked into this team, I would think that now would be a WONDERFUL time. the rankings are only in its fifth week, meaning we still have four more weeks until all points are tallied, but from the looks of it.. the aggies are DOMINATING!


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