Pop Culture Icon in Horrible Situation

A popular singer in the 1990’s and someone who I refer to as an inspirational poet is facing eviction and a 7-year prison sentence due to tax fraud. I was shocked to learn about this in today’s online morning news but even more shocked to find that she was only one-month behind in rent for all this catastrophe to even come about. It surprises me that people can speak about such relevant topics in their music and seem to be believable, but I guess being famous is not such a good thing after all because of the negative publicity that the fans get to witness. Hill has had a 10 year hiatus from the public eye because of what she saw from the media as signs of, “climate of hostility, false entitlement, manipulation, racial prejudice, sexism and ageism in popular culture,” as quoted by Entertainment Weekly. The question I would ask is what does she expect in a society full of materialism and racial injust. As a soulful artist and voice of the minority it would be, or I would think, her role to make a difference and not contribute to the nonsense that most of society has to offer.




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