Thoughts on the future of hip hop


I would consider myself a huge fan of hip hop. I’ve developed the habit of checking two great hip hop sites every day. and

These sites are good for a couple reasons.

1. They post new music everyday.

2. They focus on forgotten things….like…lyrics.

That is the main point of this post. As each days passes, lyrics mean a little less. It’s all about the big beat and making club music. A prime example of this is Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers album. Lupe is known for his conscious lyrics and witty rhymes, but Atlantic Records didn’t want that from him. They wanted an album with top 20 hits and singles that could be played in late night clubs.

This isn’t fair to artists who aim for more than popularity. If one can imagine this, there are still a large amount of rappers who aim to effect the world in a positive way. Big Krit, Lupe, J. Cole, Talib, and many others go into the process of creating music with the idea that they’re making the world a more positive place.

But how can this happen when popular rappers like Rick Ross rap about rape? Not only did Ross rap about rape, but he bragged about it. This is the type of stuff that makes the hip hop community look bad.

Just because one rapper says some dumb things doesn’t mean the community doesn’t have a higher goal, besides the obvious one of making money and being successful. The hip hop community and the general population have one thing in common: some want to make the world a better place, while others only care about money.

What would you choose?


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