New York Fashion Week: Street Style Insanity

And so it has begun (it’s actually almost over). The first installment of Fashion Month is the notorious Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, or as we see everywhere online #nyfw. As for the clothes shown, we’ll get to that once it’s actually over. A huge part of the buzz this season is the popularity of street style photogs, and how attendees dress for them. Suzy Menkes sparked a debate with her NY Times article last February about the “circus” street style photography has become during Fashion Week.

This girl totally knew that if her hair matched her trendy Lego bag, she'd end up on some stranger's blog.

This girl totally knew that if her hair matched her trendy Lego bag, she’d end up on some stranger’s blog. Photo via FashionbyHe on Flickr

Since then, fashion bloggers everywhere have felt it necessary they chime in. Most notably Leandra Medine, creator of The Man Repeller and everybody’s imaginary best friend. She commented on the issue on her blog, basically saying that yeah people dress for the street photogs, but who cares?

My favorite commentary on the trend comes from in their aptly named article “How Not To Be A Dick During Fashion Week”:

DON’T stand around “looking lost” right in front of the photographers.
You’re not fooling anyone. There’s no reasonable excuse for hanging around the Lincoln Center fountain for an hour. If you have a job, you might want to go do something more productive, and if not, go have a nice lunch or something! Unless getting photographed is actually part of your job, in which case, well, don’t hate the player hate the game, we guess.”

This girl knows what she's doing.

This girl knows what she’s doing. Photo via aschutz57 on Flickr

Long story short, old-school high-prestige fashion houses from Scott Schuman to Vogue aren’t exactly thrilled with the kind of wardrobes they know are created just to get snapped. But the new age of writers like Medine don’t really care, at all. Suzy Menkes calls it a circus. Doesn’t everybody kind of love the circus?


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