GTAV Information Overload

With Grand Theft Auto V entering stores next week Rockstar Games has lifted the curtain on many features that will appear in the game answer questions about single player, online, and many additional features.

The news has piled up so much it is easy to lose track so this post includes most interesting things to be found about GTAV in one convenient location.

Online play which was revealed as a major upgrade from Grand theft auto IV will not be released until October 1st reasons being that the creators wanted to give people to experience the world before completely allowing total access.

When online does launch friends should be able to experience missions from robbing banks to playing a game of tennis.

Image courtesy of AXLiberty

Image courtesy of AXLiberty

Single player mode will allow you to change between three different characters Franklin,Michael or Trevor.

Each character allows for a different experience with Franklin as an ex street gangster, Michael and ex bank robber dealing with the FBI, and Trevor a low level character who is the counterpart to Michael.

The GTAV map was leaked and is shown to be much bigger than any previous Rockstar game including GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption.

Following an alleged early sale of the “Grand Theft Auto 5” strategy guide, a user of the popular gaming forum NeoGAF posted the image of the map online that is apparently for the game.


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