Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4 Launch game Comparison and Analysis.

Image Courtesy of  Eric R.

Image Courtesy of Eric R.

As both consoles prepare to launch in November with PlayStation 4 set for the 15th and the Xbox One on set for the 22nd there have been announcements for many games that will be available on day one, each having their own strengths this post will compare what each console has for each game genre.

For shooters each console will launch with Call of Duty Ghosts and battlefield 4 available, the Xbox One currently does not have any exclusive shooters for day one where PlayStation 4 has Killzone Shadow Fall.

Fighting games the Xbox One has the stylish fighter Killer Instinct will be available for download day one one, and the PlayStation 4 has the game DIvekick which is a game that parodies fighting games, the selection for this genre feels slim at the moment, but will probably pick up after launch, if history tells us anything fighting games tend to hit their prime later in a game cycle such as Mortal Kombat and Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Sports games will include NBA 2k14 and NFL Madden 25 for both consoles on day one. These games are available on the new consoles and the current consoles sport games are easy to port and will be an option for people who choose not to buy a new console on day one.

Action games cover a big portion of the release titles the most notable include Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for both consoles, Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox one and Knack for the PlayStation 4.


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