It’s not just blacks or Chicago–it’s people in general

Last night during a Barn Party hosted by Eastern’s Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, shots were fired, three people were injured, and there were several comments on the Charleston Illinois Police Department‘s Facebook page addressing the situation. Many stated that the violence was because of people from Chicago, or blacks–uhm, excuse me?

I may not be from Chicago, or even near it for that matter, but I do know that spouting ignorant crap like that on CPD’s Facebook page saying that this was the fault of blacks or people from Chicago is ridiculous!  Just because someone is black and/or from Chicago doesn’t necessarily mean they’re violent and the cause of all problems crime related in Charleston, Ill. Not only do Stereotypical, racist, and ignorant statements like that draw even stronger reactions from people and create bigger problems for people, they just make the people or persons who said it look incredibly foolish.

Comments like those are exactly why we had that town meeting last semester in Coleman because of all the negative and racial comments made on the CPD Facebook page. During that town meeting, which if you ask me, never really got anything solved, most people declared that they disable the comment portion of their page and just tell the facts–did they do that? No.

People seem to think that just because crime suddenly hits Charleston Ill, and gets reported on with a black face and name to fit the crime, it’s automatically all our faults (I say “our” because I’m black too), which is highly offensive and wrong. Crime can happen to anyone, anytime, anyplace, and by any person, regardless of ethnicity, sex, or gender.

According to the JG-TC the investigation is still ongoing, so I suspect I’ll hear more about this story, and there might even be another town meeting within the following weeks addressing the racial comments… oh joy.

Here are some of the comments I was able to take from their Facebook page, which I wish they wouldn’t delete, because many of the ones I saw earlier before I made this blog post, showed just how brutal the comments from some of these people really were.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 8.06.47 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 8.07.54 PM


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