SM3 Overview


Summer Madness 3 was the highly anticipated Battle rap event that every fan has been waiting for.  The event took place in New York city at Stage 48 Sunday September 8th.  With a number of fans in attendance, they expected a great night.  But clearly things went south as the night dreaded.  With 8 full battles for the evening, food and drinks went quickly.  Towards the end of the night people, were leaving with 3 full battles still pending to happen.  As the first of the final three battles kicked off, Math Hoffa Vs. Serius Jones.  This was one of the favorite matches of the evening.  Until Math punched Serius.  While Math Hoffa was rapping, he said a line that really didn’t catch the crowds attention and Serius just sarcastically laughs in his face and according to Math, he punched him off reflex.  Smack stopped the battle, told Math to leave the building and the rest of the event was over.  Math Hoffa has had one previous fight in his Battle rap career which dates to 2010.  This has upset so many fans and the URL company as a whole.  This has basically shows that battle rap cant be taken to mainstream because its seems as though Black people cant act right.  This brand has over a decade to get where it is today and for the actions that Math Hoffa has showed, I’m not sure how URL will be able to recover so soon.  But they will recover.


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