The Cancellation of Demon Knights

Imagine a Justice League set in a time before time, medieval England with magic, science, King Arthur, and chainmail. That my friends was Demon Knights.

But with several series recently integrated into the DC New 52 universe they have been passed over for more trivial series’ about characters like Katana, Batgirl and Larfleeze. Seriously DC?!? Larfleeze?! A random orange lantern hero just wandering aimlessly in space and representing avarice, with no real motivation to do anything.

Demon Knights had a core group of heroes with a purpose and strong arcs written by Paul Cornell (A contributing writer of Dr. Who) and a fantastic conflict between each character and their motivations. Though it appears Madame Xanadu will stick around in any context e.g. Justice League Dark.

And so I don’t come off as absolutely biased I’m equally distraught about the cancellations of Dial H and Batman Incorporated. Batman Incorporated probably had run its course but Dial H was starting to get really interesting.

The ideas and arcs in these books will span for decades (or until the next reboot) and while tragedies have occurred (RIP Damian Wayne/Knight) this also leaves room for some crazy new titles.

Hopefully We’ll get to see the 2006 miniseries of The Creeper fleshed out a little more, Or better yet a new series of Rip Hunter/Booster Gold adventures!

But for now, we weep for Demon Knights. To Etrigan: Keep Rhyming Demon, you will always be the Batman of the Demon Knights!


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