A True Performer: Beyonce Continues Performance After Being Pulled Off Stage by A Fan

If anyone were to ask what performer has the craziest fans, Beyonce fans should be in the top five. The singer has encountered numerous crazy fans, however, earlier this week, while performing in Sao Paulo, Brazil according to an article written by the Huffington Post, Mrs. Carter was pulled off the stage by a crazed fan.

While singing hit song “Irreplaceble”, the singer gets grabbed by a fan and pulled off stage. The entire incident was caught on tape.

There are two remarkable things about this incident. First, she doesn’t stop singing, even as she’s in the arms of a complete stranger she continues to perform. Second, as the fan is getting escorted out of the arena, the singer stops to reassure the fan and security that it is okay. This makes Beyonce a true performer. There are not that many performers that can do what she does on a daily basis. Especially not being a huge Beyonce fan, I can say that I was amazed at how she handles her crazy fans. She performs for more than half the year and still keeps going, the definition of a true performer.


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