GTAV Post Release reactions and news.

With Grand theft auto 5’s release this past Tuesday  several important facts have now been released relating to the game play and to how the industry has been affected.

Image courtesy of Glen Bowman

Image courtesy of Glen Bowman

It was announced as of September 20th 2013 by take two that just after only three days that GTAV has sold $ 1 billion in retail sales, which is no surprise after Rocker announced that it had mad $800 million in just one day.

Videos are now being released by people who have purchased the game, and range from rampages against the computer to secrets and cheat codes already being found out such as spawning tanks or helicopters.

How to and let’s play videos are also invading YouTube with several different takes to the game as well as an online petition to bring the game to pc has garnered a surge of signatures.  

On another note UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg warned of the effects that violent video games can have on a person though no specific video games were mentioned GTAV has been criticized for having very realistic violence.



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