NASA’s Comet Hunter Will Hunt No More

Deep Impact

An artist’s rendition of NASA’s Deep Impact spacecraft. Found on NASA’s site.

After trying for over a month to make contact with their Comet-Hunting probe, Deep Impact, NASA has declared the spacecraft to be done for. Throughout its career, the spacecraft has explored many comets, and was looking into a comet named Ison before losing contact last month.

The spacecraft’s first mission was in 2005, when it traveled almost 270 million miles.

While the cause of the loss of contact is unknown, an article from the Huffington Post says scientists suspect that the spacecraft lost control, and facing its solar panels in the wrong direction, it likely “froze to death.”

Lindley Johnson, program executive of the spacecraft’s misson, stated that “Despite this unexpected final curtain call, Deep Impact already achieved much more than ever was envisioned.”

Because of the death of the spacecraft, Deep Impact will continue orbit around the sun indefinitely.


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