Blame Adidas for criticism to Rose?

Come playoff time last season, Derrick Rose received more than enough criticism from the fans, media, and even opposing teams. After a report released that doctors said Rose was physically available to play in March, the time clock to his return started ticking.

Rose never played a second on the floor, because he said he was not mentally ready.

Iman Shumpert, a guard for the New York Knicks, tore his ACL at about the same time Rose did back in April of 2012 and he returned to action last season. When that happened people started questioning Rose which added more pressure to him to return to the basketball court.

Though, one of the main things that happened throughout last season that caused this much criticism was #thereturn commercial videos that were released by Adidas.

The videos were about Rose and his struggles through his rehab process his life in general, and his drive to return to the basketball court, but the public used them as something that meant Rose would return soon or sometime during the season.

After seeing that Rose did not play last season with all the publicity Adidas caused with this, do you think they are the blame for the criticism that Rose received?

With that said, here is the newest commercial released by Adidas.

Photo courtesy to Brands Gym



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