Predictions: All My Girls Looked Great, But My Guesses Were All Wrong

slide_317266_2938899_free slide_317266_2938938_free slide_317266_2938969_free

Photos courtesy of Huffington Post.

Well, I was kind of wrong. First off, my girl Tina went with Narciso Rodriguez instead of her go-to, Vivienne Westwood. But that color on her was absolutely to die for. The second I saw her I swear I gasped! When it came to Claire Danes, I was actually shocked she went with something so… neutral! Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but she loves a neon or just colorful dress. She was wearing Armani, and this dress is actually becoming pretty standard for Armani. And then there was the beautiful Kerry Washington who didn’t start running straight to Miuccia Prada, instead to Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman. That color is beautiful on her dark skin, and the fit is absolutely perfect. I usually hate Marchesa but I can’t say I hate this.

On that note, I was SORT of right – all “my girls” look fantastic.


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