Dear Miley, JUST. STOP. No, really… stop.

Ok, where should I even begin with this one…. as I sit here in the dark shaking my head smirking about what I am about to write, I realize that Miley Cyrus is indeed a human being, she’s young, (Not even 21 yet), and her father is the famous Bill Ray Cyrus–maybe I should give her this one pass.

On second thought, no. Miley, you’re not black. So you can’t act “hood.” Nor did God grant you a twerkable booty. I’m sorry, but it’s just not there. How about you fight with Lady Gaga or even Britney Spears over the title of Baddest white b****? No? Ok…

I saw her performance during the 2013 MTV VMA’s and was throughly not impressed… First of all, if you’re going to “twerk,” which is a form of some might call sensual? Dance where the–usually a woman, gyrates her hips and butt vigorously. If said dance is done correctly, it can be attractive and alluring… well, from a man’s perspective, but I digress from that topic. Anyway, during this performance, Miley so-called herself twerking and for lack of a better word, she doesn’t even have said a**. During this act, she gyrated her lack-thereof booty on R&B artist Robin Thicke, (I wonder how his wife, actress Paula Patton felt…)

Since that horrifying act in August, (I shudder at the thought even to this day), Miley has since graced the most recent cover of Rolling StoneI have to admit, she looks good in the photo, but even still, I feel as if she’s crying out for help in some way maybe?

Not convinced? Ok, listen to this.

In the beginning of the article, which so far is pretty good, Miley says she has to do something interesting because of the fact this is her first Rolling Stone cover story What does Ms. Cyrus do? She get’s a tattoo! No, babe, that’s not like Drake puffing hookah during his June 2013 GQ interview , a tat is permanent… maybe you should seek some sort of counsel?

Photo curtesy: Mirror 


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