Chris Brown expresses his thoughts on the matters of race, being himself, and Jay Z

In the most recent issue of JET magazine, Chris Brown’s on the cover stating, “I identify with Trayvon Martin 100%.”

Brown explains that even in the year of 2013, he still experiences blatant racism, he goes on to say that people don’t care anymore; essentially, blacks could be the most type-A personality  and we could still experience racism. While there are a few things regarding Chris Brown I don’t really agree with (His attitude in the media for one), he definitely has a point–especially being a black man nowadays has gotten a lot harder due to what’s been going on a lot lately. With that being said, there have been plenty of cases this year since the whole Trayvon Martin situation, that have really opened up a yearly race relations dialogue.

Nevertheless, Brown mentions in his cover story that he doesn’t get a pass for any of the things he’s done since his 2009 case. He explains how rapper Jay Z get’s a pass from whites and media because he “kisses babies and shakes hands.” Brown also brings up the 1999 case of Jay Z stabbing someone .

While Brown probably has a point there as well, he needs to chill. He hasn’t earned enough artistry credit to even begin to compare himself to Jay Z. Jay Z’s paid his dues, and Brown, even though very talented, and I do have some of his albums, he’s not on the same level as Jay and needs to mature before making such comparisons.

Also, referring to the media as “Masters” as of we live in an era of slavery, is ignorant–grow up, Chris.

Photo curtesy: JET


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