GTAV interactive violence and it’s History.


Image courtesy of Glen Bowman

As video games start to blur lines with other forms of media through enhanced graphic and a more immersive experience, and with the release of Grand Theft Auto V and it’s yet again choice to find a controversial subject and allow the player to interact with it, when does this experience become a discomfort to others.

Warning spoilers follow for many different games including the recently released GTAV

When placed under orders by the FIB (GTAV’s version of the FBI) the player who is controlling Trevor the mentally unstable psychopath with the order to torture a clearly innocent man it has been set as a precedent by other companies that when something like this comes up to allow the option to skip the scene. GTAV had no said option.

Instead the player had no choice, but to partake in actions that included, electric shock, water boarding, and the pulling of teeth to make it through the mission each time monitoring the subject to make sure their heart did not give out do to stress.

This has brought up concern by many people, but in order to solve the problem one must ask made this different from others, would people be less upset about the scene if it was skip able, if that was not an option should the control have been removed from the player and just have them watch it like a movie?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare two had controversy surround it when the famous “No Russian” mission was introduced and the player participated in an airport shooting, but that scene was skip able.

But in Rockstar’s defense this scene is a criticism of how flawed the torture method truly is as the man being tortured eventually gave up an innocent man who seemed to have no connection to terrorism.


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