Valve Announces rumored “SteamBox”.

Steam software a digital distribution site for playing and buy games is expanding with the announcement by Valve that what has been coined by many as the “Steam Box” will

Image courtesy of Gamerfreak365

Image courtesy of Gamerfreak365

have 300 prototypes sent out to users in the steam community.

Rumors of the Valves streamlined PC like device have surfaced earlier this year and this announcement has been the first real significant move that Valve has made to make those rumors into reality.

The steam console has been mentioned as being a premade PC that would appeal to a wider market that had been turned away from the complexity of buying or building their own gaming PC’s and hopes to compete with consoles.

Anyone wishing to participate in the beta will have to follow certain set of rules in order to qualify including sighing up for the steam universe community have at least ten friends and other rules. And with only 300 units going out the odds are still very slim of actually getting picked.

This announced after Valve had announced the new Steam OS a new operating built around steam

Steam last week had announced that they had three announcements for this week the OS was announced Monday the steam Box was announced Wednesday and one more announcement is set for this Friday.

There is speculation that it could be Left for Dead 3, a new title, or even the long awaited Half Life three, but until Valve makes the announcement known, speculation is all that is available at this time.


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